Residential & Driveway Concreting Melbourne

Looking for driveway concreting, or concreting areas around your home? KD Landscapes offer solutions to your concreting needs across Melbourne.

Built a house and need a new driveway? We are the experts in Melbourne driveways. Fancy a plain, coloured concrete for a smooth finish? Or are you looking to create a driveway that stands out with a beautiful exposed ag? We offer all types of concrete driveways in Melbourne that will stand the test of time.


Types of concrete offered by KD Landscapes in Melbourne:

Plain concrete is great for sideways, service areas or to form a base under paving or basketball court areas. It can also be used for a cost-effective option for your Melbourne driveways.

Coloured concrete is a refreshing alternative to concrete’s standard grey colour. There are countless colours and finishes to choose from to ensure the result is exactly how you envisioned it. Coloured concrete is a great cost-effective option for your concrete driveway.

Exposed aggregate concrete is popular for its attractiveness and feature stones. It’s great for your concrete driveway or next to your pool areas as its rough texture prevents slipping when the surface is wet. Perfect for the Melbourne climate!


Your Concreting Questions Answered!

Cement is the hardening ingredient that, along with sand and gravel, combines to create concrete. Concrete is the finished product.

The natural colour of concrete is grey due to the iron components in the cement formula. Other colours can be added to achieve a coloured look.

Concrete can be reinforced and strengthened by using fiber or wire mesh.

We recommend sealing concrete as the final part of the concrete process in Melbourne. When concrete is sealed it helps protect it from fading due to sun exposure, staining and other damage. The reason concrete is sealed is it blocks the concrete’s pores helping prevent the absorption of water and mineral salts. It also improves the overall appearance by giving it a glossy and rich finish. With the Melbourne weather conditions we highly recommend this, particularly for your concrete driveways.

Please refrain from touching the concrete for the first 24 hours. It needs this time to set. Generally, after 48 hours has passed, the concrete will able to support people walking across it without leaving any imprints. Refrain from other traffic, such as skateboards, bicycles and prams until the 7 days.

As per the industry standard in Melbourne, it’s necessary to wait 7 days before parking or driving a car on newly poured concrete driveways or any form of concrete. If you have poured a new driveway, this is when you will be able to use it for your personal vehicle in Melbourne.

We highly recommend the following materials for the best quality driveway in Melbourne:

  • Exposed aggregate concrete
  • Plain concrete
  • Coloured concrete

Stains can be removed using a variety of methods. Dry methods include sandblasting, scabbing, shot blasting, grinding, and scouring. Wet methods include the use of water and chemicals that are specific to a stain.

Whilst there is no way to stop all concrete cracking there are a few things we do to minimize the chance your driveway will crack in Melbourne. These include preparing your site adequately prior to installation of driveway. Installing controlled joints and a strong base. We cut sections to allow concrete expansion and movement and allow enough thickness of good quality concrete. It is really important you allow at least 1 week drying before normal traffic and 14-30 days for heavy equipment. Try to avoid placing heavy machineries, tracks and skip bins on your concrete driveways

Our quoting will take into account the size of your driveway, the slope of your driveway or the area you want concrete. We consider how much excavation is required and the choice of your selected concrete material. Other things to consider include the amount of preparing required for installation, rubbish removal and dirt removal and lastly the installation process.



Ensure that you hire a qualified Melbourne-licensed contractor to do your concreting work and landscape construction projects.
We do also offer other concreting services, like concrete retaining walls, or we can help with landscaping for entertainment areas/pergolas if you're looking for the complete landscape service after your concreting project is done.

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