Rock Wall & Retaining Wall Builders in Melbourne

KD Landscapes Melbourne are a well-respected retaining wall contractor specialising in retaining wall construction across Melbourne.

Looking for a qualified retaining wall builder? We have a domestic builders license, and follow the Melbourne guidelines to ensure your retaining wall construction is built to code.

As retaining wall builders, we follow all of the correct building requirements to ensure your retaining wall will stand the test of time including excavation and installation.

We offer the following kind of retaining walls:


Sleeper Walls (Timber or Concrete)

This is your standard type of retaining wall that you see on many residential properties. These are cost effective and can be constructed in a tight space, which is great for many Melbourne properties. There are many options in terms of aesthetics, whether timber, coloured or patterned concrete sleepers.

Concrete Block Walls/Link Block Walls

These walls use hollow concrete masonry blocks and are core filled with concrete. The front wall has an appealing range of flat or textured rendering. They can also be constructed in a tight space, which is great in Melbourne yards. They can be used for most walls on residential sites.


Got more questions about retaining walls? See below some of our FAQ’s or feel free to contact us directly on 0434 238 966 or

Your Retaining Wall Questions Answered!

Retaining walls have a number of purposes. They can be made to prevent damage from erosion or surface runoff on angled or elevated areas of your property. They are used to prevent water and soil from shifting and changing the landscape. They also help to offer larger flat surfaces in your designated areas.

We offer concrete retaining walls, timber and rocks walls in Melbourne.

A number of factors determine the overall cost of your retaining wall including the wall measurement–both height and length, design and materials, accessibility to the job site, and council permits and engineering specs if they are required. KD landscapes offer our Melbourne customers with a free no obligation quote. We meet with you on site to discuss your retaining wall design, needs and ideas. Following consultation, we determine the required materials suitable for the design and provide you with a free no obligation written quote.

Yes! KD Landscapes incorporate exciting ways to include your retaining walls into your home landscape. Multiple retaining walls can form a garden in your yard with an amazing effect or form the backdrop to a pool area.

Stone and brick retaining walls have been known to last for decades. Whilst weather conditions can weaken the wall, a professionally built and maintained wall will last the distance.

Absolutely! Using a professional landscaper like KD Landscapes ensures a safe and secure job. When installing retaining walls, a sturdy foundation base has to be established beneath the site of the wall. We will keep your walls level, accounting for changes in soil conditions, so your wall does not appear crooked or lopsided.

KD Landscapes will look at this when quoting your job. All walls require some sort of drainage system.

In Melbourne a retaining wall can be built up to 1 metre without a permit.

In most Melbourne based councils they say to allow up to 12 weeks, but it is generally quicker than this.

Concrete and concrete sleepers


After a retaining wall? Contact KD Landscapes, your Melbourne-based retaining wall installers and Melbourne landscape construction team. We do retaining wall construction including concrete retaining walls, rock retaining walls and sleeper retaining walls across Melbourne.
We do also offer other construction services, such as paving, excavation, irrigation systems & even have driveway concreters available if you're looking to add more curb appeal to your home!